The 11th Annual New York Higher Education Technology Forum
will be hosted by
Long Island University - Post Campus 
June 1, 2018 

"It actually has exceeded my expectations. The number of attendees, the quality of the presentations, and the interaction of the people among each other has really been outstanding." --- Joseph Tufano, St. John's University


The New York Higher Education Technology Forum (NYHETF) is a collaborative organization of IT professionals working at higher education institutions in the New York metropolitan area. 

NYHETF aims to leverage the skills, strengths, and experiences of our partner institutions to solve problems and pursue new ideas in an effective and efficient manner. Our goal is to foster a spirit of teamwork and collaboration among our colleagues in the industry.


  • You'll meet people who do what you do at other colleges and universities.
  • Collaborate with your peers to tackle the challenges you're facing right now.
  • Spend Friday at NYHETF, then hit the ground running on Monday with fresh approaches to your IT challenges.



"Technology is so many different areas, no one is going to be specialized on everything. This is about bringing so many folks together and giving people an opportunity to learn, and to grow." --- Jack Chen, Adelphi University

"Each school talks about what projects they're on, and where their focus is currently pointed. It's wonderful, like having a group mind."
--- Laurie Harvey, New York Institute of Technology